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2018 Class Schedule


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Framing your Future, Electrical Safety at the Workplace
Joe Squires, Squires Electric, Inc.

Preventative Maintenance: Tracking & Notations
Zach Howell, BEAR Consulting Services

Energy and Sustainability Operations & Maintenance
Kirk Douglas & Brian Morrison, Energy Trust
In this class you’ll learn how making energy efficient upgrades to your multifamily property can help reduce maintenance needs, lower your energy bills and increase tenant satisfaction.

Emergency Response Preparation
Tyler Hayes, ServPro & Gwen Buzan, Eko Living

Appliances: Refrigerator
Chris Duncan, Greystar

Communicating with Residents
Wes White, Greystar
Residents Why it is important to do it right, be on time and chow to best communicate.

Repair The Wear
Clint Arp, J.R. Johnson, Inc
Ever wish you could see into the future to avoid trouble BEFORE it happens? We can help! Join Clint Arp, the Senior Vice President of the Restoration Division at  J.R. Johnson, Inc., as he shows you how to predict problems with your building before they become an expensive and troublesome issue to you, your manager, and the owners