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Certified Indoor Environmental

Certified Indoor Environmental

6615 SW McEwan Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 241-9199
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Company Overview

Certified Indoor Environmental provides the following services for multifamily, single-family, and commercial properties throughout Portland, SW Washington, Salem and south to Eugene.

• Mold Testing & Remediation
• Asbestos Surveying & Abatement
• Water Mitigation
• Property Assessments
• Attic Ventilation Corrections

Our project managers are trained and accredited for mold inspections, testing and remediation. Certified Indoor Environmental will identify the source of moisture attributed to the mold, provide a detailed scope of work correcting the source of moisture to prevent the recurrence of mold and provide a complete estimate for your review. With our non-destructive method of remediation, most often there is minimal disruption to your tenants. We will never paint over (encapsulate) the mold - we remove it!

Ever wonder about your indoor air quality (IAQ)? In a single day, our trained field personnel will collect air samples, submit your data to an exclusive web-based App, where it will be analyzed against published international standards, reviewed by a scientist and approved for release to you our customer."
Kim Grenfell VP of Business Development
Amity Fong Office Manager
Brandon Wood Inspector/Estimator
Carlos Garcia Inspector/Project Manager
Christie Schwab COO
Cory Chasteen Technician/Estimator
Jameson Levario Technician/Estimator
Lynette Schmidt Business Development Manager
Nick Sichenzia Field Operations Manager
Sakari Rogers Business Development Manager
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Areas of Expertise Restoration & Remodeling