Oregon Notice of For Cause Termination M023 OR [Single Copy]

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Oregon Notice of For Cause Termination M023 OR [Single Copy]

The Oregon Notice of For Cause Termination is the "catch all" termination form that allows a landlord to hold the resident accountable for any lease violation. Per statute, the form allows a 14-day grace period for the lease violation(s), and should the residents cure or fix the violations within that two week period, they are in turn not terminated two weeks later. This is a 30-day termination form. However, if the violations were not solved during the grace period, the tenancy would terminate 30 days from the day the notice was served. If the residents commit the same or similar lease violation(s) anytime within 6 months of curing a For Cause Notice, the form #M028 10-Day Notice of Repeat Violation may be served. 

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