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Multifamily NW Leadership
We all know our region is a great place to live, but rising housing costs are threatening to price some families out of the communities they call home. In recent years, rents have risen quickly in Portland and across the state, while incomes have lagged behind. One of the major causes of rising rents is increased demand for rental housing. Unfortunately, we haven’t built nearly enough housing to accommodate these new residents. Even with thousands of new units already built and thousands more in the pipeline, we are playing catch-up.


Looking Forward

As we consider solutions, we should be careful to avoid those that actually reduce the amount of new housing built or increase housing costs, ultimately exacerbating the crisis. Rent control of any type produces fewer affordable units than incentive-based strategies that make financial sense, and it increases the cost of everyone else’s rental housing at the same time. The region needs quality housing options for families of all incomes. To get there, we’ll need collaboration from all sides: governments, nonprofits, foundations, property owners, and property managers.

The Multifamily NW legislative team works to achieve results that allow our members to offer the best-quality rental housing while retaining profitability in an increasingly complex political and regulatory environment.

Since 1993, Multifamily NW has served its members and the general landlord community with the best up-to-date rental forms, educational opportunities, and effective legislative and local government advocacy. 

Each legislative session, Multifamily NW works on dozens of bills that affect property owners and managers of rental housing. In addition, we work on ordinances in many local jurisdictions that can be precedents—good or bad—for other jurisdictions, or even statewide policy. The Multifamily NW legislative team works to achieve results so our members can offer the best-quality rental housing while retaining profitability in an increasingly complex political and regulatory environment.

Multifamily NW works with a diverse network of collaborators to promote quality rental housing and the rental industry as a whole. While some agencies can be competitors or even adversaries, these strategic and mutually beneficial alliances allow for relationship building and the cooperation necessary to realize significant legislative achievements.