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Multifamily NW Forms Collection serves residential rental properties across Oregon and Washington. Considering the lightning speed of state and local housing regulations, the Forms Collection is vigorously updated by legal counsel and the Forms Committee that together create this popular, locally sourced, and up-to-date resource for our industry.

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How do I order the Multifamily NW Forms Collection?

The Multifamily NW Forms Collection is available electronically through the two e-commerce websites:

The RentalFormsCenter.com is the quickest and most efficient way to access the Forms Collection. Once you’ve selected the forms you need, you’ll complete the forms immediately, typing in all form fields at the time of purchase (you cannot buy blank forms). Once completed, you can print, serve and save your purchased forms.

The subscription service of TenantTech.com is geared toward housing providers with multiple properties that offer amazing conveniences including auto-fill of forms, e-signatures, streamlined applications with screening options, and much more. This subscription service opens access to 100% of the Forms Collection for a monthly charge based on the number of rentals you operate.

Printed triplicate carbon copy forms

Paper forms are no longer sold from the Multifamily NW office. Forms Collection access is available 24 hours a day via the RentalFormsCenter.com and TenantTech.com websites.

Multifamily NW is a proud member of the National Apartment Association (NAA), and in turn all Multifamily NW members are also members of NAA. NAA’s Click & Lease program is another forms option to utilize! Click & Lease is an electronic subscription service to the Blue Moon forms which have rental forms for all 50 states! Learn more at https://lease.naahq.org