Equitable Housing PAC

Extraordinary housing markets throughout Oregon have been of great benefit to owners over the last several years. But, as inward migration of new residents with well-paying jobs has increased, rents have risen because supply of new housing units has not kept up with demand. Over the past few years, state and local governments have been oblivious to this basic tenet of economics and have continued to enforce strict land use laws, urban growth boundaries, low density ordinances and other policies (like huge system development charges) which disincentivize the construction of new housing.

Multifamily owners, developers, and builders must work together to stop additional changes to our laws, which are based on one-sided anecdotal information rather than facts and that seek to turn us into another San Francisco.

This is why Multifamily NW and a coalition of landlord groups around the state have founded the Equitable Housing Political Action Committee. Our first goal is to raise significant funds to provide support for legislative candidates who see things our way. The funds raised by the committee will be used to support key members and candidates who can win and who realize that the radical changes are foolhardy as they will only disrupt the market and produce absurd and harmful results for everyone.

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Clay at 503-213-1281 or by email at jonathan@multifamilynw.org.

Thank you for investing in the Equitable Housing PAC!