CEU Rules and Procedures

Certified Continuing Education Credit Provider

Those with Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Property Manager Licenses 

Multifamily NW is a Certified Continuing Education Provider with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Beginning January 1, 2011, all continuing education credit must be taken from a certified continuing education provider. Count on Multifamily NW's Academy of Higher Learning to provide the most relevant and engaging courses to choose from in order to accrue the required 30 hours of classwork for license renewal every two years.

The vast majority of Multifamily NW's educational offerings qualify for continuing education credit. Check our our Event Calendar to view our upcoming opportunities!

CEU Rules & Procedures

Multifamily NW is a proud Oregon Continuing Education Provider, advertising the CEU credits on each class flyer. In order to obtain your certificate of continuing education from Multifamily NW you must complete the following:

  • Be present for the entire class.
  • Full CEUs will only be given for completion of the class. Arriving late and/or leaving early will result in the docking of CEUs for the time you missed.
  • Sign in on the provided sign in sheet
  • Provide Multifamily NW with a valid email address

If you forgot to sign in at the class you may submit your CEU request by filling out the Multifamily NW 2017 Education Passport

CEU certificates will be issued within 2-3 weeks of the date of the class to the email address provided in the class registration.

Obtaining Historical Records

If you are in need of past CEU certificates please complete the following steps:

Single Requests*
Email your request to info@multifamilynw.org include your full name and date & title of each class you are requesting. Please note that if you did not sign the sign in sheet we require you to fill out the Multifamily NW 2017 Education Passport.

Multiple Requests#
Email your request to info@multifamilynw.org include each attendees full name and the date & title of each class for that attendee. Please note that if the attendee did not sign the sign in sheet we require you to fill out the Multifamily NW 2017 Education Passport for each attendee and class.

*single requests will be sent back within two weeks
#multiple requests will be sent back within four weeks

For more information regarding Continuing Education Requirements in Oregon, review the Oregon.gov website

Multifamily NW is not an approved Washington Continuing Education Provider