Multifamily NW Mentorship Program

Program Overview

What is the Mentorship Program?

Multifamily NW Mentorship Program is designed to inspire, identify, develop and train tomorrow’s leaders who will become experts in the multi-family industry.

What does success look like?

Upon completing this program, a mentee will have the opportunity to gain industry insight, leadership skills and career development tools from successful mentors in the multifamily industry.

Program Details

Enrollment— Mentee must be an active member of Multifamily NW to be considered.

Connection— Ideally, mentors and mentees will have a one-on-one ratio. However, there may be a special case where a mentor may be asked to mentor up to two mentees.

Program Length— Nine months.

Tracking— Mentors and mentees will be required to have at least three face-to-face meetings and will communicate monthly via email or phone. The mentee will be required to send reports after each meeting to the Multifamily NW staff liaison working with the program.

Mentor Responsibilities

Help mentee define three goals that they are required to achieve by the end of the 9- month period.

Assist mentee in defining the necessary steps to achieve the three goals.

Encourage the mentee to be involved in Multifamily NW events, which Includes meetings and seminars as their company allows.

Submit a report at the end of the nine month period summarizing their experience as a mentor and give feed back on the program to the Multifamily NW staff liaison.

Mentee Responsibilities

Earnestly commit to and engage in the meeting days and times agreed upon.

Work with mentor to define three goals that will be achieved by the end of the nine month period.

Send the Multifamily NW staff liaison three reports (one every three months) summarizing their goals, the steps they are taking to achieve these goals and how their mentor has assisted them in achieving these goals.

Be actively involved in attending Multifamily NW events.

Non Solicitation Agreement

Mentor and Mentee agree not to solicit employment from one another during, or for a minimum period of one year after completion of said program.


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