2019 April Apartment Jobs Snapshot from National Apartment Association (NAA)


The Apartment Jobs Snapshot is a monthly product from NAAEI highlighting labor force trends in the rental housing industry. It examines the total job posting trends by position, category and geography, as well as providing fresh and detailed updates for industry employers. The snapshot will feature enhanced analysis at the close of each quarter.

In preparation for the impending leasing season, over 8,000 apartment jobs were available during April, accounting for 37 percent of the broader real estate sector. Open positions were driven primarily by secondary markets Raleigh, Kansas City, Denver, Portland and Las Vegas.

April’s edition highlights Property Manager/Community Manager positions, with a median salary of $42,059. In addition to property management experience, employers are seeking candidates with strong budgeting skills, staff management skills, and experience with property management software. The recent influx of new supply in the Raleigh MSA has contributed to the high concentration of demand for property managers.