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Posted By: Jonathan Clay Central Oregon, Mid-Willamette Valley, Portland/SW Washington, SWV News,

Have you considered selling your rentals in response to recent regulations? We want to give you a proper forum to tell your story so we can document the real-life consequences of the reckless and untested policy decisions from Portland City Council and the Oregon Legislature.

In addition to inclusionary zoning, relocation fees, SB 608's state-wide rent control, Portland City council is now rolling back screening and security deposit regulations. There will be many unanticipated outcomes that our elected leaders need to hear about. For example, we just heard from the owner of a 4-plex that he is considering leaving the industry altogether if he is unable to screen applicants adequately.

We’ve also heard from developers that cities outside of Oregon are beginning to look more attractive for new construction as regulation becomes more onerous.

We want to hear from you. How have these new regulations affected your business and your life? Please share your stories, both positive and negative addressed to We'll be compiling our members' experiences to showcase the true consequences of 2019's flurry of regulations.


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