BELFOR Offers COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Portland/SW Washington, SWV News,

BELFOR Property Restoration is a Multifamily NW member with office locations in Eugene and Portland. As a service to the industry, they have created and gathered several resources to help inform rental housing providers on proactive strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out their virtual Town Hall video, BELFOR’s team of experts address the most pressing topics concerning cleaning areas that are or may be contaminated by COVID-19, using very practical, accessible and down-to-earth terms. Topics covered include:

  • How long the virus remains viable on surfaces.
  • Ensuring cleaning was effective and the facility is safe for personnel.
  • Treatment processes and HVAC considerations.
  • Is there a danger of disinfectant to electronics?
  • Is there a need to clean long-empty buildings?
  • How soon after cleaning can the building be re-occupied?

Another BELFOR short video outlines some of the steps companies can take to keep their buildings and workers safe, whether there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or to simply take proactive steps to clean buildings while they are vacant to ensure your work environment is safe before workers return from stay-at-home measures.

In related news, BELFOR completed the deep cleaning protocol on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was featured in many quarantine news stories. The ship has now been certified to sail! For more details, read the case study, or read this recent news article.

BELFOR has also cleaned many schools, hospitals, factories, commercial buildings, casinos, and just about any other kind of facility imaginable across the country and around the globe. They have streamlined protocols and processes to make it easy to schedule COVID-19 cleaning at any of your facilities or for any of your vehicles, and we can work with a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) for your protection, if desired. Contact your local BELFOR office for details. Call 800-856-3333 any time, day or night, 365 days a year! BELFOR has local offices in Springfield, Portland, Medford and Bend.


BELFOR restores homes, facilities and personal and mission-critical contents. From emergency response, through structural drying and decontamination to final rebuild, BELFOR is the Single Source for Emergency Services: Smoke and Soot Removal, Water Extraction, Structural Drying, Dehumidification, Cleaning and Decontamination, Mold Remediation, Duct Cleaning, Odor Removal, Contents Restoration, Document and Media Recovery, Electronics Restoration, Equipment and Machinery Decontamination and Repair, Environmental Services and Reconstruction. BELFOR USA has been ranked #1 on the Top 500 by Qualified Remodeler Magazine since 2001.