Biannual Apartment Report Survey - Feb 10th through Feb 25th

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Dear Multifamily NW Members,

Good data has never been more critical to our industry. Its availability and integrity are vital to making sound business decisions and creating good housing policy. For more than 17 years, Multifamily NW has diligently collected the best local data on rent rates and rental vacancies for the Portland Metro Area and communities across Oregon. Twice a year, every Spring and Fall, Multifamily NW asks members to participate in the Apartment Report Survey.

When can I get started? & When is the Survey Deadline?

The Spring 2022 Apartment Report Survey will open on Thursday, February 10th. The Survey must close by end of business on Friday, February 25th.

I'm new to the Apartment Report Survey. How do I participate?

Reach out to Jonathan Clay at to get started.

What’s my first step?

Let's update your company's property list so we capture as many Spring 2022 surveys as possible! Send Jonathan a complete property list, including physical addresses with ZIP codes so we can add and update surveys for every property in our members’ portfolios.

What area does the Apartment Report Survey cover? What properties are included?

The Multifamily NW Apartment Report collects surveys of 5+ unit multifamily properties from the Portland Metro Area, south to Salem/Keizer and Eugene/Springfield in the Willamette Valley, and across the Cascades to Bend/Redmond in Central Oregon.

How do I fill out the Apartment Report Survey?

Beginning on Thursday, February 10th, login to the Apartment Report Survey Website with your company's credentials and click on a listed property to start the survey. The "snapshot date" of the survey, which all survey answers ought to be based from, is February 10th, 2022. Not sure of your login credentials? Email Jonathan.

How are the rent and vacancy figures captured for each survey?

At the bottom of the survey, rent and vacancy data is completed by unit types (see below).

  • No. of Units is the number of rental units for each unit type.
  • Avg Unit Size is the average square footage for each unit type.
  • Avg Rent is the average rent for all units by unit type on the snapshot date.
  • No. Vacant is the number of vacant units by unit type on the snapshot date.
  • Turnover Rent is the average rent for all units by unit type as if they were vacant and advertised as of the snapshot date.

When can I get a copy of the Spring 2022 Apartment Report?

The Spring 2022 Apartment Report will debut at the in-person Spring 2022 Apartment Report Breakfast on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at the Oregon Convention Center!

Thank you in advance for helping us capture the most surveys and participants for the upcoming Spring 2022 Apartment Report Survey!