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CALL TO ACTION: Please send written testimony by 5pm TODAY against Governor’s housing moratorium!

Dear Multifamily NW Members,

The 2020 special session is underway, and the legislative process has begun. However, the capitol will remain closed to the public during the session. Because face to face negotiations are longer happening, it is SO MUCH more critical that our members submit written testimony by email.

We know that many of you have directly reached out to your law maker already, but the special interest negotiations inside the capitol are just beginning.

The joint interim committee on the first special session, which is considering the initial drafts of these legislative concepts, will accept testimony BEFORE 5PM on Tuesday, June 23rd Submit written testimony to:


What is on the agenda?

An extension of the governor’s housing moratorium is on the legislative agenda and the current proposed moratorium on evictions is short sighted and does nothing to actually help struggling renters stay in their homes.

You can read legislative concept 90 (moratorium extension) here.

Please submit testimony to the record AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Ask our law makers to vote no!

TELL THEM YOUR STORY AS A HOUSING PROVIDER AND LET THEM KNOW WHY THIS IS A BAD BILL: The collective burden will be put on housing providers and will land a devastating blow to Oregon’s naturally affordable housing supply. The proposed legislation:

  • Does not address the $150M shortfall in rental assistance funding for struggling Oregonians.
  • Lacks a minimum objective demonstration that nonpayment of rent is tied to COVID-19 virus, creating a loophole for those looking to exploit a crisis in their favor. 
  • Declares that the tenant has possession of the unit despite nonpayment of rent, which is rewriting contract law.
  • At a minimum, creates a yearlong state seizure of property with no reassurance of compensation.
  • Aggressively penalizes housing providers for administrative errors but gives no guarantee of relief to housing providers who incur property damages during the moratorium.
  • Provides immunity to shelter operators and public entities but not to rental housing providers
  • Codifies an emergency ordinance on the books forever.

Oregonians need long term solutions, not political punting. Oregon’s leaders need a comprehensive response that:

  • Encourages the Governor, through her Executive Order to extend the moratorium, and avoid the political horse trading of the special session. 
  • Provides rental assistance to struggling Oregonians, who are already facing a $150M shortfall in unpaid rent.
  • Improves the distribution of rental assistance with a uniform application process so that struggling Oregonians can receive assistance NOW.
  • Opens courts to process housing providers claims for damages and losses to minimize debt and preserve naturally affordable rental housing.
  • Establishes liability protection for housing providers, with exception for gross negligence, to head off costly frivolous lawsuits further restricting housing supply and jamming our courts.
  • Does not codify an emergency order into law.


The joint interim committee on the first special session, which is considering the initial drafts of these legislative concepts, will accept testimony BEFORE 5PM on Tuesday, June 23rd.

Make sure you include who you are, where you live and where you do business.

Submit written testimony to: