Career Development Committee Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Duncan of Greystar

Posted By: Jonathan Clay Community, Multifamily Careers, Portland/SW Washington,

Multifamily NW is thrilled to continue the Volunteer Spotlight video series highlighting member accomplishments. We’re honored to have Chris Duncan, Regional Maintenance Manager for Greystar sit down with Lisa Shoop of Dalton Management and share his good humor and personal story of his professional trajectory in the industry beginning as a maintenance technician.

Knowledgeable, highly skilled and personable maintenance technicians just may be the most sought-after job candidates in the multifamily industry. From maintaining amenities to performing consistent preventative measures, they are the backbone of properties – and often ensure the budgetary bottom line of their properties as well!

Chris exemplifies the good nature and can-do attitude of the maintenance community, and has a lot of fun being interviewed by Lisa showing that a sense of humor goes a long way in proudly making your job into your career. Like our past Volunteer Spotlight recipient Sarah Vail, Chris’s professional journey reiterates the limitless rise possible for those working in the multifamily industry. Multifamily NW Career Development Committee has started a mentorship program better foster the advancement of our industry professionals. Whether you’re an industry veteran with time to give, or new and curious to the industry, we’d like to hear from you! Please contact Kristen Davies.

Working as a housing provider is an immense responsibility. At any one time you are addressing the needs of residents, the property, staff, vendors and owners all while maintaining compliance with local, state and federal law. And of course, all while maintaining a friendly composure. Thank you Chris for being an outstanding representative for maintenance tech professionals! #flipflopswagger