City of Gresham – Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants and Landlords

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Beginning September 2020, the City of Gresham requires that landlords deliver Gresham’s new “Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants and Landlords” form to every tenant required to sign an initial lease and with each renewal. The City has also directed landlords to deliver the form to existing month-to-month tenants. The form must be signed by both the residential rental property owner and tenant at or near the time the rental agreement is signed or renewed. The form must be retained by the property owner for the duration of the rental agreement. A signed copy shall be made available to the City upon request and as part of the inspection process for any inspection required by the City. A violation of the ordinance may subject the owner/agent to a fine or penalty in the maximum amount of $500 per offense.

The new form is available at the City of Gresham’s website: It will also be added to MFNW forms bank via Tenant Tech.

While this only applies to properties inside of Gresham’s City limits, the US Postal Service’s mailing address does not always match up with the City’s boundaries. For example, a property inside of Gresham could have a Portland mailing address. Conversely, a property in Troutdale could have a Gresham mailing address. Anyone who owns or manages residential rental properties in or near Gresham should verify whether their property is within the City of Gresham’s incorporated boundary.

This article is not intended as legal advice. Please obtain advice of an attorney for any policy change or decisions regarding residential and commercial landlord-tenant matters.