How the Leap to WiFi 7 can Enrich Next-Gen Community Living

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By Alice LaPlante

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Although still far from mainstream, WiFi 7 is finally on its way to residents of multifamily communities. Quantum Fiber, a Lumen Technologies brand, has been busy readying this new technology, which represents a huge leap in capabilities and speed over today’s fiber internet deployments by enhancing wireless network capacity, efficiency, security, and coverage.

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Susan Chandler Quantum Fiber


“We’re super excited to bring this latest iteration of WiFi technology to the market,” said Susan Chandler, Senior Manager for Quantum Fiber product management. “WiFi 7 represents our goal to deliver the best fiber-internet experience.”


The benefits of Quantum Fiber’s WiFi 7 capable devices, over WiFi 6, include:


  • Superior coverage: One device covers up to 90% of most homes, dramatically reducing the need to buy and install additional mesh-pods. This equipment can be installed in outdoor common areas as well.
  • Multi-user capability: Supports multiple users and gigabit bandwidth demands with 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz radios working together for high-speed data transmission, minimizing the need to run Ethernet cables to separate rooms in a home.
  • Improved latency and speed: Being connected to an Ethernet cord is no longer necessary for ultra-fast speed. Now customers can get multi-gig WiFi speeds. And the device offers fewer than 3 milliseconds of latency and seamless integration with the Quantum Fiber multi-gig network.
  • Better user experience: This WiFi 7 device is part of Quantum Fiber® Instant 360 WiFiSM and is fully integrated and controlled through the Quantum Fiber app, which offers advanced parental controls and cybersecurity protections.
  • High-performance applications: WiFi 7 is ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications like 8K video streaming, cloud gaming, VR, and transferring large multimedia files.
  • Other advanced technologies: W1700K WiFi 7 pod contains a built-in global positioning system (GPS) chip, improving 6GHz range performance to comply with upcoming FCC specifications.

Quantum Fiber certified WiFi 7 devices


First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ device


At the January 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Wi-Fi Alliance® awarded Lumen Technologies WiFi 7 certifications for two wireless devices–the first company in the industry to achieve this honor. The W1700K desk or wall-mount router covers 90% of homes with a higher data capacity, and the W1701K plug-in device extends WiFi 7 coverage throughout larger homes or businesses to eliminate dead zones.


Lumen designed these mesh pod devices for its Quantum Fiber residential and small business customers to deliver faster speeds and better coverage than WiFi 6. The equipment is being rolled out soon in Connected Communities as Instant 360 WiFi.


How WiFi 7 is an industry game-changer


First and foremost, tailored solutions by Quantum Fiber expert engineers are designed for WiFi 7 coverage for fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-unit communities. WiFi 7 installation provides an easy way to connect homes or units to high-speed fiber internet. Typically, it is discreetly installed in a utility room.  And better WiFi coverage than WiFi 6 means less mesh equipment and RJ45 connections throughout the home are required.


Plus, WiFi 7 is easy for residents to use because it can handle so many different frequencies which allows for a huge ecosystem of compatible resident and property devices, including laptops, TVs, smart-sensors, IoT gadgets, and more. The fact that WiFi 7 is backwards compatible with previous WiFi generations saves you and your residents significant amounts of money by eliminating the need to buy compatible devices.


In densely populated areas or close quarters, WiFi interference from neighbors’ older generation routers is reduced. WiFi 7 offers device detection to reduce bandwidth congestion as well as significantly more channels than WiFi 6. Your residents’ devices can also send and receive data from multiple access points.


The expense to incorporate WiFi 7 is nominal compared to previous generation equipment.

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In more technical terms, key advances over WiFi 6, WiFi 7 will deliver are:


  1. Better throughputWiFi 7 enables multi-gig WiFi throughput to clients which is a substantial improvement from WiFi 6. This will help boost performance of 4K and 8K video streaming, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), and industrial internet of things (IoT) applications.
  2. Lower latency and less jitter: By deploying time-sensitive networking, WiFi 7 is expected to support low latency and deliver ultra-reliability, which will be particularly helpful for IoT applications requiring real-time operations. For competitive gamers, this is a true game-changer for internet speed and latency.
  3. Multi-link operations: WiFi 7 introduces a technology called multi-link operation that allows devices to transmit and receive data over multiple links simultaneously. This enhances network efficiency and reliability, particularly in environments that struggle with interference from other, nearby devices.
  4. Enhanced quality-of-service (QoS) management: By integrating advanced QoS management, WiFi 7 will boost performance of latency-sensitive applications by prioritizing network traffic based on the type of service required by each application.
  5. Capable of operating in multiple frequencies: To support increased throughput and capacity requirements, WiFi 7 is backwards compatible and will be able to operate across 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands. This helps accommodate more devices and ensures smoother network operations across a wider portfolio of applications.

The revolution has begun


These compact WiFi 7 devices unlock sizable capacity and access to future-proof fiber internet by enabling significantly higher throughput, reduced latency, formidable security measures, and ease of installation and use, making it a great choice for residential communities.


Quantum Fiber, which serves homes and small businesses throughout 16 states, installed its first customer WiFi 7 devices in December 2023, and plans to broadly roll out this technology to customers beginning mid-2024.


Contact a Quantum Fiber Connected Communities expert to learn about connectivity solutions tailored to your multifamily community.


Quantum Fiber® Connected Communities provides customized fiber solutions for apartments and communities.



Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7TM is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

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