Portland Candidate Position Overview

Posted By: Kristen Davies Advocacy Alerts, Portland/SW Washington,

Multifamily NW is not endorsing candidates prior to the May 19th primary. However, we can share information on candidates that have positions that are more favorable to our industry.


Ted Wheeler, the current incumbent kept the Portland Housing Bureau as part of his portfolio. The bureau worked to prevent over 7,000 high risk households from experiencing homelessness. He has worked to pass both local and regional investments in affordable housing and built over 800 units of affordable housing. https://tedwheeler.com/record-of-making-progress-2/

Commissioner, POS. NO 1

Carmen Rubio is committed to a coordinated urgent and effective approach with local, state and federal partners, both public and private. Carmen supports expanding programs like affordable housing creation and short-term rental assistance. https://www.carmenforportland.com/priorities/

Commissioner POS. NO 2 (To fill the remainder of Nick Fish’s term)

Sam Chase knows we can’t subsidize our way out of Portland’s housing crisis. Sam will implement strategies to encourage affordable well-designed housing types. Sam will champion well-planned housing along transportation corridors, in commercial areas where infrastructure already exists. https://www.samchaseforportland.com/housing-and-homelessness/

Commissioner, POS. NO 4

Mingus Mapps believes the most efficient way to reduce homelessness is to prevent people from losing their housing in the first place. He plans to do this by creating 1500 units of city-subsidized supportive housing for chronically homeless people, who are also disabled, mentally ill, and/or drug addicted. He will also increase funding for short term rental assistance. https://www.mingusmapps.com/houselessness

Sam Adams would like to fully operationalize the opportunities created under the 2015 Portland City Council State of Emergency Declarations address the local homelessness and affordable housing crisis. Prevent homelessness with new help to COVID-19 renters and homeowners through vouchers. https://www.samadamspdx.com/post/houselessness-and-housing-insecurity


Listed below are the other candidates running for each of the positions:


Sarah Iannarone believes “Portland’s Mandatory Renter Relocation Assistance policy (also known as RELO) led by Commissioner Eudaly and tenants’ rights advocates, was a good start but we must do more.” https://sarah2020.com/en/policies/housing-for-all  

Teressa Raiford believes it is time to stop disguising gentrification as urban renewal. She believes housing should serve those in the greatest need. Portland is building new housing units at a record pace but wonders who it is for? https://www.teressaraifordformayor.com/the-peoples-platform 

Ozzie Gonzalez’s objective is clear: “end unregulated camping in the street and provide housing options for all of Portland’s workforces.” https://ozzie4pdx.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Ozzie-Housing-Homelessness.pdf

Commissioner, POS. NO 1

Candace Avalos believes” as more Portlanders are renting, we must continue to build in protections for tenants in our infrastructure. In addition, rental assistance needs to be fully funded, and the office of Rental Services needs to be fully staffed and funded as well.” : https://candaceforportland.com/platform/housing-houselessness/

Commissioner, POS. NO 2

Loretta Smith’s priorities are to champion increased supportive services linked to affordable housing to address the ongoing homelessness epidemics. She wants to champion investments in transportation and public infrastructure that both reduces congestion and improves our fight against climate change. https://www.votelorettasmith.com/priorities-accomplishments

Dan Ryan wants to build the units we have already paid for in the two housing bonds. Time for action and common sense, it just requires doing it. It is essential we lower the cost so we can build more units.


Tera Hurst does not reference specific housing positions/policies.

Julie DeGraw believes “Portland tenants need a single standardized rental application. Some rental applicants pay hundreds of dollars in application fees only to face rejection after rejection – a reality faced disproportionately by tenants of color and tenants of LGBTQIA identities.”


Margot Black will work to lift the state ban on rent control, so we can have real rent control in Portland. Keep people housed and prevent homelessness through increased tenant protections, universal eviction defense and prevention. https://votemargot.com/housing/

Commissioner, POS. NO. 4

Chloe Eudaly was responsible for the Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance and the FAIR ordinance. She is not done yet: some of her additional priorities if elected is passing a tenants’ bill of rights and establishing funding for universal eviction defense. https://www.votechloe.com/housing