Recognizing Excellence

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Expectations are often driven by what we learn and therefore know to be successful.  Without expectations, we would have no benchmarks.  As it relates to our work, expectations keep us focused and working toward successful outcomes.  Without expectations, excellence would be only achieved by luck, and failure would be commonplace from continuous trial and error.  In the multifamily industry we do not have the luxury of failure but we must always be mindful of expectations – those benchmarks often created for us by those that strive and achieve the highest standards of excellence.  This holds true in an ever changing industry where setting a higher bar can be difficult to reach.  There are never enough instances to truly recognize those in our industry that do make a significant difference.  When an individual consistently displays traits of knowledge, skill, service and a personality to go well above beyond, we should recognize their impact.

On May 26, 2016 Multifamily NW held the annual ACE Awards as we recognized professionals in multifamily housing who have worked extremely hard to attain a level of performance that exceeds expectation and demonstrates excellence.   The awards recognize the best of the best in our industry who continually work to set the example of how to provide the best service to our residents, communities and our organizations.   These individuals not only often display excellence in their work.  These individuals often also inspire and influence everyone around them.  Just to be nominated qualifies as an honor and an achievement.  It takes significant effort from organizations and individual contributors to create a nomination.  When the nomination is created, it truly acknowledges devotion to performance at the highest level. 

Multifamily NW is an association dedicated to the on-going development, support, and education of professionals in our industry.  It is often the association setting the benchmark so that the entire community of owners, landlords and residents all benefit.  Multifamily NW provides the training, advocacy and networking opportunities that set the stage for this opportunity.  Additionally, our affiliation with NAA, the National Apartment Association, allows us even stronger voice and support. Industry designations are offered through NAA, further enhancing professional development and strengthening our influence as a professional association that educates and builds career paths.  

The pace of changes in our industry will continue to challenge.   As we consider how to further promote new development that adds housing supply to our market we must also consider who will be providing the direct hands on service to those communities and residents.  It will require collaboration and stretch capacity in certain areas placing the focus on standardizing the benchmarks that we see driving excellence.  This is how Multifamily NW and its’ member organizations will successfully build support teams to serve all of our existing and new communities.  This is how we move forward as an industry and we should never forget the many individuals working in it that continue to build on our successful outcomes.     

Congratulations to the 2016 ACE Awards Recipients
  • Affordable Housing Manager of the Year ‐ Brittany Baskins, GSL Properties, Inc.
  • Assistant Manager of the Year 1‐199 Units - Rian Ulsh, Guardian Real Estate Services
  • Assistant Manager of the Year 200+ Units - Nisha Patel, Prometheus Real Estate Group
  • Civic Award ‐ Grace Brown, Greystar
  • Leasing Associate of the Year ‐ Jade Jurdy, Greystar
  • Maintenance Manager of the Year 1‐99 Units - Paul Jordan, Cascade Management, Inc.
  • Maintenance Manager of the Year 100‐199 Units - Ruben Garcia, Cascade Management, Inc.
  • Maintenance Manager of the Year 200+ Units - Ezequiel Cilenti, CTL Management, Inc.
  • Maintenance Tech of the Year 1‐199 Units - Clint Leigh, Guardian Real Estate Services
  • Maintenance Tech of the Year 200+ Units - Austin "Kody" Stevens, Greystar
  • Portfolio Manager of the Year ‐ Sonia Romero, Cascade Management, Inc.
  • Property Manager of the Year 1‐99 Units - Todd Keith, C&R Real Estate Services
  • Property Manager of the Year 100‐199 Units - Vera Llorente, Madrona Ridge Residential
  • Property Manager of the Year 200+ Units - Chris Pasteur, Sequoia Equities
  • Property of the Year 1‐10 Years - Victory Flats at Elmonica Station, Simpson Property Group
  • Property of the Year 10+ Years - Altamont Summit, Sequoia Equities
  • Renovated Property of the Year ‐ Harrison Tower, Sequoia Equities
  • Rookie of the Year ‐ Anna Sowles, Dalton Management, Inc.
  • Ross Dey Award ‐ Deborah Imse, Multifamily NW
  • Senior Housing Manager of the Year ‐ Joe Muller, Cascade Management, Inc.
  • Single‐Family Manager of the Year ‐ Alicia Lindsey, Bison Properties