September 2023 Forms Collection Update - Oregon

Dear Multifamily NW Forms Collection Users,


The following forms have been updated for Oregon. These changes were made by joint approval of Multifamily NW's Forms Committee and their legal counsel. None of the information in this announcement is or shall be interpreted as legal advice.

For questions about the contents of the forms themselves, and how they are to be used, served, etc., please contact Multifamily NW at 503-213-1281 or toll-free 800-632-3007. For suggestions on the Forms Collection please send the committee an email at

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New Forms:

The following new forms, whose number ends with an “e” are for Eugene properties to comply with the Phase II Renter Protections in Ordinance 20694.

More information on Eugene-specific regulations are available here:

Multifamily NW Synopsis:

City of Eugene Rental Protections:

  • M049e 90-Day End of Tenancy Notice (Eugene)
  • M065e Renewal Offer/Rent Increase Notice (Eugene)
  • M083e 90-Day Notice of Nonrenewal/Termination For Cause (Eugene)
  • M084e 90-Day Termination For Cause Qualifying Owner Reason (Eugene)
  • M183e Eugene Tenant Rights and Obligations
  • M197e Tenant Education Information (Eugene)

Updated Forms:

M001 Rental Agreement/Terms & Conditions

M001L Terms & Conditions in LARGE PRINT

M201 Rental Agreement/Terms & Conditions (Single Family/Condo/Multiplex)

M201L Terms & Conditions in LARGE PRINT (Single Family/Condo/Multiplex)

  • Nonpayment of Rent or Other Amounts in Terms and Conditions updated from 144-Hour Notice of Nonpayment to "a notice of nonpayment." And the reference to 72-Hour Notice of Nonpayment has been updated to "a notice of nonpayment" in each of these Rental Agreements/Terms & Conditions forms.
    M006 Pet Agreement

M013 24-Hour Notice of Inspection/Maintenance

M106  Assistance/Companion Animal Agreement

  • Language added to forms: “During all properly noticed entries, Resident shall keep all animals under control or remove from the unit.” 

M008 Statement of Deposit Accounting (Final Accounting) (Not Portland)  

  • PAID THRU and STOP BILLING DATE fields removed as these were causing confusion.

M021 24-Hour Notice of Termination

  • The phrase "Resident commits a bias crime, as described in ORS 166.155 and 166.165." has been added to the list of reasons Owner/Agent can terminate a Rental Agreement

M026 Guarantee (Co-signer) Agreement

  • Updated language in third paragraph: Old: Whether the Rental Agreement is a month-to-month tenancy or for a specified term, this Guarantee will remain effective until all Residents terminate the Rental Agreement, including any renewals or extensions, and vacate the Unit. Termination of this guarantee will not affect Guarantor’s obligations for performance due under the Rental Agreement prior to the effective date of termination of this guarantee. New: If the Rental Agreement is a month-to-month tenancy, Guarantor may terminate this guarantee at any time after 18 months from the date hereof, by giving Owner/Agent 60 days’ written notice of Guarantor’s intent to terminate. If the Rental Agreement is for a specified term, Guarantor may only terminate this guarantee at the end of the term by giving written notice thereof at least 60 days prior to the end of the then-current specified term.

M038  Mold & Mildew Addendum

  • This form is now available for use in Washington as well as Oregon.

M042  Notification of Balance Due

  • Text added to form: WARNING NOTICE (for Oregon Properties only): The conduct described above is a violation of your Rental Agreement. Owner/ Agent may choose to terminate your tenancy at the end of the fixed term if there are three or more violations within a 12-month period preceding the end of the fixed term. Correcting the third or subsequent violations is not a defense to termination under ORS 90.427(7).

M044  Abandoned Property Notice (Deceased Sole Resident)

  • Address updated:  4. The Estate Administrator Oregon State Treasury, 867 Hawthorne Ave SE, Salem, OR 97301.

M068  Domestic Violence—Request for Early Release & Third Party Verification

M070  Wear & Tear Addendum (Not for Portland)

  • Because of recent Washington law changes, this form is now for Oregon only.

M160  Mutual Complete Release of All Claims

  • Language added to first checkbox section: This constitutes a Notice to Vacate from Resident(s), which Owner/Agent hereby accepts and relies upon.

M528  Statement of Deposit Accounting - With Security Deposit (Portland)

  • PAID THRU and STOP BILLING DATE fields removed as these were causing confusion. Item List updated added: Windows. Oven/Stove changed to Range/Stove. Mirror/Med Cabinetry is now Mirror/Med Cabinet.

M529  Statement of Final Accounting - No Security Deposit (Portland)

  • PAID THRU and STOP BILLING DATE fields removed as these were causing confusion.