Pre Move-In / Applicant Forms

Form Name

M502 OR Portland Application (Standard Financially Responsible)

M503 OR Portland Application (Standard Non-Financially Responsible)

M504 OR Portland Application (Low Barrier Financially Responsible)

M505 OR Portland Application (Low Barrier Non-Financially Responsible)

PHB 30.01.086.c3b Right to Request a Modification or Accommodation Notice

PHB 30.01.086.c3c Statement of Applicant Rights and Responsibilities Notice

​M002 OR Oregon Rental Application (Not for City of Portland)

M003 OR Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement

M510 OR Oregon Applicant Screening Adverse Action (Not for City of Portland)

M048 OR-WA Utilities Set-Up and Transfer Agreement

M163 OR-WA Consistency Guest Card

Essential Move-In Forms

Form Name

M001 OR Oregon Multifamily Rental Agreement

M516 OR Portland Security Deposit Addendum

M518 OR Portland Notice of Security Deposit Rights

M005 OR Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Alarm

M524 OR Portland Condition at Move-In

M007 OR Oregon Multifamily Move-In & Move-Out Inspection (Not for City of Portland)

M027 OR-WA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (pre-1978 structures)

M032 OR-WA "Lead in Your Home" Booklet (pre-1978 structures)

M155 OR-WA Smoking Policy Addendum

M126 OR-WA Safety Addendum

M038 OR Mold & Mildew Addendum​

Single Family / Condo / Multiplex Forms

Form Name


M201 OR Oregon Rental Agreement (Single Family/Condo/Multiplex)

M205 OR-WA Exterior Care Addendum

M206 OR-WA Home Care Addendum

M204 OR-WA House Rules & Regulations

M207 OR Oregon Move-In/Out Inspection (Not for City of Portland)

M208 OR-WA Satellite Dish Installation Policy


Additional Move-In Forms

Form Name

M520 OR Portland Move-In Accounting

M004 OR Oregon Move-In Accounting (Not for City of Portland)

M006 OR Pet Agreement

M106 OR-WA Assistance / Companion Animal Agreement 

M060 OR-WA Pest Control Addendum 

M158 OR Oregon Parking / Carport Agreement

M036 OR Resident Garage / Storage Rental Agreement

M047 OR Utility Bill-Back Addendum

M522 OR Portland Unit Inventory

M088 OR-WA Co-Signer Application

M026 OR-WA Co-Signer Agreement

M132 OR-WA Community Rules & Regulations 

M058 OR Criminal Activity Addendum 

M052 OR-WA Base Charge List 

M072 OR-WA Package Acceptance Addendum

M135 OR Oregon Recycling Notice (Initial and Annual) 

M033 OR-WA Satellite Dish Installation Policy (Multifamily) 

M150 OR-WA Air Conditioner Installation Agreement 

M078 OR-WA Appliance Addendum

M059 OR-WA Renter's Insurance Confirmation Addendum 

M064 OR-WA Addendum to Rental Agreement

Violation & Termination Forms

Form Name

Oregon Notice of Noncompliance 

Oregon Notice of Violation 

Notice of Tampering with or Failure to Maintain Alarm/Detector 

​Notice of Violation - Failure to Pay Money 

72-Hour Notice of Termination for Non-Payment of Rent

144-Hour Notice of Termination for Non-Payment of Rent

Notice of For Cause Termination 

10-Day Notice of Termination for Repeat Violations

90-Day Termination For Cause (Qualifying Owner Reason after 1st year)

90-Day Termination For Cause (Fixed-Term Tenancy, Repeat Violations)

End of Tenancy Notice, M to M or Non-Renewal (First Year Only)

End of Tenancy Notice, MTM or Non-Renew (Fixed-Term T existed before 2/28/19

90-Day End of Tenancy Notice, MTM or Non-Renew (First Year Only) 

90-Day End of Tenancy Notice, MTM or Non-Renew (Fixed-Term T existed before 2/28/19 - Portland/Milwaukie

Termination Without Stated Cause (After First Year, Owner-Occupied Property with two or less Dwellings

10-Day Pet Violation - First Notice

10-Day Pet Violation - Final Notice

Notice of Parking Violation

24-Hour Notice of Termination 

24-Hour Notice of Termination (Unauthorized possessor)

Other Notices / Tenancy Operations Forms

Form Name

Statement of Deposit Accounting (Final Accounting)

Renewal Offer/Rent Increase Notice

​Fixed-Term Renewal Offer

Notice of Rent/Monthly Charges Increase 

Partial Rent Payment Receipt

Installment Payment Agreement

Notification of Balance Due

Maintenance and Repair Request

24-Hour Notice of Inspection / Maintenance​

Unit Inspection Checklist

Single-Family Resident Vacating Information & Checklist

Maintenance Doorhanger

Permission to Show for Sale

Notice of Exclusion (Trespass)

Amendment to Rental Agreement

Utility Interruption Notice

Complaint Response

Addendum to Add or Remove Resident(s)

Resident's 30-Day Notice to Vacate

​Domestic Violence - Request for Early Release & 3rd Party Verification 

Temporary Occupancy Agreement 

Reasonable Accommodation Request/Verification (FREE FORM)

Abandoned Property Notice

Abandoned Property Notice - Deceased Sole Resident 

​Abandoned Property Release

Mutual Complete Release of All Claims

Lead-Based Paint Renovation Acknowledgement

Lead-Based Paint Renovation Pamphlet

Notice of City of Portland Rental Additional Protections

Relocation Assistance Payment Receipt (City of Portland)

Area Information (FREE FORM)

Resident Update (FREE FORM)

Non-Resident Garage/Storage/Other Rental Application 

Non-Resident Garage/Storage/Other Rental Agreement