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Feed Forward, Not Feedback - SPECTRUM KEYNOTE

On Demand Education

Everybody knows how hard it can be to give feedback. Fear, anger, disappointment, pain – without the right approach, these deeply-felt emotions can make even simple conversations stressful and difficult. But to move from worry to growth, we need a new mindset and message.

In this interactive and evidence-based virtual training, you’ll learn how to share “feedforward,” a powerful shift in how we think about the performance and potential of others – focusing on a future people can still change and control.

From handling high-stakes issues with employees to everyday interactions with tenants, you’ll walk away with proven, practical tools to manage tough conversations. By forming performance partnerships, you’ll change the tone and trajectory of feedback to help others feel heard and understood – all while getting closer to a shared vision of success.

Non-Member Price: $45
Member Price: $30