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Employee Engagement During A Pandemic - SPECTRUM SESSION

On Demand Education

Who would have thought that words like pandemic, quarantine, and isolation would have become common vocabulary?   They are and it appears they are going to stay for a while.   If you are like most, you didn’t plan for a pandemic and you are doing your best to keep things moving in a positive direction.  The good part is you are not alone, the better part is you have actually planned for more of this than you think (you just called it something else), and the best part is you see how this is impacting your employees and want to educate yourself about how to keep them engaged.    During this session we will discuss how the pandemic has changed each of our paths and not our end game.  We will also cover how to make your employees part of the solution and get their support during these ever changing times.            

Non-Member Price: $45
Member Price: $30