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Quantum Fiber (Lumen Technologies)

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Cayce Renshall MDU Sales Manager
Katie Cooper Lead Marketing Manager
Lacy Silberman Director, Mass Markets Sales
Michael Meyers Sr Account Manager
Rachel Montemayor Sr Lead Field Marketing Manager
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Born from a strong heritage, Quantum Fiber is a new Lumen Technologies brand that has taken the leap forward into next-generation, fully digital internet solutions. Transforming from CenturyLink Fiber, Quantum Fiber opens up possibilities for builders, developers, and property owners ready to modernize their properties and future builds.

With expertise from Quantum Fiber℠ Connected Communities, we create long-term partnerships through tailored solutions. Quantum Fiber uses the power of Lumen's extensive fiber network, infrastructure, and global cyber monitoring to provide exceptional service, reinforcing our promise to deliver internet for what’s now and what’s next.
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