Organization Overview

We do things differently in the field as early adopters of cutting-edge tooling, techniques, and technology. We go against the grain in our approach to company culture, too. Our employees work in an environment founded on kindness, respect, and humility, as we believe LOVETT’s uniqueness begins and ends with how we treat each other. Above all else, we promote trust. Together, we use trust behaviors to maintain accountability and drive organizational performance.

These progressive, developmental shifts in LOVETT’s story are punctuated with big moments too. When the economy turned in 2008, LOVETT stayed committed to serving the community, stepping in to serve new clients and finding ways to hire employees with invaluable expertise who remain part of the LOVETT family.

2018 LOVETT welcomed Gary Cosmer as a partner, President, and COO. As an expert in operations, Gary provides a set of skills complementary to our founders'. Together, these two are ready to usher LOVETT into its next era of growth. And what defines the years to come? A vision founded on delighting the customer and demonstrating excellence in our craft.

While our organization has grown and shifted in its 23 years, LOVETT remains committed to providing our broader Pacific Northwest community with comprehensive and prescriptive construction services.

Whether the task at hand is small or large, LOVETT is poised and ready to continue providing unparalleled customer experience and innovative talent. We set the bar high for our team, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We welcome growth, and we can’t wait for the next 25 years.
Aaron Sawyer
Aaron Sawyer Director of Sales & Marketing
Mike Sminia
MFNW Logo Industry Partner

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