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Professional tree services can have an overwhelming impact on the value and beauty of your property. When you work with one of SavATree’s certified Oregon & Washington arborists, you can rest assured that he/she has the knowledge and experience to identify and treat the issues and conditions unique to your tree species and landscapes.

SavATree’s Oregon & Washington arborists use their expertise, regional experience and eco-sensible philosophy to provide you with these exemplary tree services:

• Tree and Shrub Pruning
• Custom Blend Fertilization
• Insect, Mite, and Disease Treatments
• Tree Removals and Cabling
• Holiday Lighting and Decor
• Professional Lawn Care
• Organic and Integrated Programs
• Canopy Management
• Tree Inventory
• Complimentary Consultation
Jon Poteet
Jon Poteet Commercial Arborist
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin Commercial Arborist
Scott Failla
Scott Failla Commercial Arborist
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