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Webinar: HR Issues - Employee Engagement

Webinar: HR Issues - Employee Engagement

Multifamily NW Welcomes: Paul Hutter, HR Answers (0103)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PDT)

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Peter Block once wrote, “The task of leadership is to produce engagement.” Everyone knows that employee engagement is a good thing, but how do we get from this intellectual understanding to something that we can launch and measure in our organizations? How do we engage their commitment and inspire them towards our vision? How do we build a committed workforce? How do we create a culture of accountability?


The key for creating an engaged and connected workforce is to convene people together for powerful conversations and development of action plans that truly involve employees in organizational planning and operations. These activities support the individual in clarifying their own choice on how they will relate to the organization. We build a culture of engagement by changing our perspective, conversations, and assignments of opportunities and work.


We will discuss:

  • Approaches to build an engaged workforce
  • Ways to create an environment where people choose involvement and accountability
  • Means to lead and engage in powerful ways
  • Approaches to deal with difficult relationship issues
  • Methods to shift from lip service to authenticity
  • Developing a plan to begin applying these values in your workplace.


Come prepared for a lively conversation and some real-life examples of organizations that have engaged employees and reaped the benefits of their fresh ideas and energy.


This is intended to be an interactive session where attendees share their personal experiences, too.

Multifamily NW Welcomes: HR Answers

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