Maintenance Fair Education


Connect. Learn. Grow. 

Join your peers for a full day of education to invigorate and inspire you. Hear from industry leaders and trusted experts on the things that matter to the Multifamily Industry. Maintenance Fair class sessions will inspire new thinking, engage thoughtful discussions, and help you grow in your career. 

Oregon Real Estate Licensees: Maintenance Fair 2024 will earn you up to 4 CEUs.

2024 Education Sessions

Session 1 9-9:50 AM

D133-134: Watt's up with Electrical Code? with Erin Huffard, Squires Electric

D136: Paint! with Dawn Hirschfelt, Rodda

D137-138: Mold, Asbestos & Lead with Clint Arp, FINNMARK

D139-140: LOOK UP with Sam Wisner, Tokola Properties, Jon Poteet, SavA Tree & Scott Cannon, Interstate Roofing

E141-142: Interpersonal Communication with Paul Jordan, Cascade Management & Lisa Rose, J.R. Johnson, LLC

E143-144: Fair Housing for Maintenance with Leah Sykes, Andor Law

E145: Technology for Techs with Andrew Souto, IDM Apartments

E147-148: What to Include in a Building Assessment with Samuel Chipperfield, RDH

Session 2 11:40-12:30 PM

D133-134: Zen & the Art of Property Maintenance with Jesse Rorvig, Fitness Machine Technicians

D136: Plumbing Basics with Jason Watson, 1-800 Plumber + Air

D137-138: What is the CAMT with John Osgood, CRMG

D139-140: How to Choose the Right Vendor with Barb Casey & Tysen Bodewig, Kennedy Restoration

E141-142: Importance of Customer Service in Maintenance with Wes White, Greystar Residential & Paul Jordan, Cascade Management

E143-144: CPO: The Quick Version with Chris Duncan, Greystar Residential

E145: Customer Service and Communication with Michael Hunter, Thrive Communities

E147-148: NFPA 101 with Performance Systems Integrated

Session 3 1:40-2:30 PM

D133-134: Tactical Empathy with Jesse Rorvig, Fitness Machine Technicians

D136: Money for Maintenance with Zach Howell, BEAR Consulting Services


D139-140: Apartment Turn: Pro Tips & Tricks with Gwendolyn Kistler & Martin Chavez, CertaPro

E141-142: Round Table: How to Grow your Career with Jennifer Hughes, 1-800 Plumber + Air; Wes White, Greystar Residential; Sam Wisner, Tokola Properties; 

E143-144: Mold - From at Attorney Perspective with Bill Edgar, Andor Law

E145: Buiding Envelope with Brad Schamutz, J.R. Johnson, LLC

E147-148: Cultivating Ownership for Maintenance with Matthew Ruecker, CTL Management

Session 4 2:50-3:40 PM

D136: What You Should know that Nobody Tells You with Zach Howell, BEAR Consulting Services

D137-138: What is the CAMT with Luke Jarmer, RDH

D139-140: Property Landscape Maintenance with SavA Tree

E141-142: Risk Management for Maintenance with Chris Duncan, Greystar Residential & Tysen Bodewig, Kennedy Restoraiton

E143-144: Back to Basics with Will Hays, Moon Construction

E145: Bite Back! Bed Bugs, Mites, Mosquitos, and the like... with Scott Sneer, Pest Lock