Fall 2024 Apartment Report Survey Begins August 10th

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Update Your Portfolio and Staff Access to MultifamilyNW.org!

It’s time to update your property portfolios and your staff’s access with MultifamilyNW.org! The Fall 2024 Apartment Report Survey begins next month on August 10th. Confirming your current portfolio and your teams’ individual login access now will streamline your Fall 2024 Apartment Report Survey efforts and better ensure we can capture the best industry data on property operations, rents and vacancies.  

Why Update Your Information?

  • Accurate Data: Your updates help us gather precise information, reflecting the current state of the multifamily housing market.
  • Better Insights: Accurate property data leads to better analysis and insights, benefiting all members.
  • Streamlined Communication: Ensure you receive all important communications and updates related to the survey and other Multifamily NW activities.

How to Update Your Information:

  • Log in to your Member Compass with your credentials.
  • Review & Edit: Navigate to the “My Profile” section to review and edit your contact information.
  • If you have Management Access for your company, you can also review your properties. Go to the “Company” section and ensure all details about your properties are current.

Deadline for Updates: August 9, 2024

Please complete your updates by August 9, 2024, so we can begin the survey on August 10, 2024, with the most accurate information.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need help updating your information, please don't hesitate to reach out to survey@multifamilynw.org.

Fall 2024 Apartment Report Survey Begins August 10th

Twice a year, every February and August, Multifamily NW conducts the Apartment Report Survey. We debuted a new survey website this year, so we are thrilled to offer a faster and easier experience for our members to participate in the biannual survey. It's this survey that creates the operational data that's become a standard barometer of the multifamily market from Portland/Vancouver and across Oregon. 

Survey Details

The Fall 2024 Apartment Report Survey starts August 10th, and wraps up on September 6th. All survey answers ought to be based as close as possible to the Snapshot Date of the Survey, which is August 10, 2024 – the same day the Spring 2024 Apartment Report Survey opens.

Contact the Multifamily NW office for assistance logging onto the website and for access to your company’s survey portfolio.

Access to the Apartment Report Survey is limited to rental properties with at least 5 units.

If you have issues logging into the website, or don't see all of your properties listed when entering the survey, please contact Multifamily NW at survey@multifamilynw.org.