How will the moratorium on on all residential evictions work in Portland/Multnomah County?

Posted By: Deborah Imse Industry News, MFNW Community Updates, Portland/SW Washington,

A temporary moratorium is imposed on all residential evictions in Multnomah County for tenants on the basis of nonpayment of rent due to wage loss resulting from COVID-19.

 To establish eligibility for this moratorium, affected tenants must:

  1. Demonstrate substantial loss of income, through documentation or other objectively verifiable means, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, including County, state, and federal restrictions imposed to mitigate its spread; and
  2. Notify their landlords on or before the day that rent is due that they are unable to pay rent due to substantial loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nothing in this moratorium shall relieve tenants of liability for unpaid rent, which landlords may seek, and
  • Tenants must pay within six months after expiration of this emergency.
  • No late fee may be charged or collected for rent that is delayed for the reasons stated in this moratorium;
  • A landlord may not seek rent that is delayed for the reasons stated in this moratorium through the eviction process.