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The Mental Makeover

Happy. Healthy. Productive. You.

Work, deadlines, expectations, relationships, stress and more stress. It’s time to get mentally fit to handle challenges without struggle and frustration. While going to the gym can improve your physical fitness, this program will improve your mental muscles and well-being!

Getting mentally fit gives you the tools to choose happiness, build better relationships, and achieve high levels of work performance…without working harder.

You’ll learn where all the daily negative, repetitive thoughts come from.  And most importantly, what to do about them. Research with over 500,000 participants in 50 countries shows mental fitness to be the best predictor of success. Here’s what you’ll come away with:

  1. Power to intercept and discredit negative thinking
  2. Ability to strengthen your mental muscles to calmly handle everyday challenges
  3. Authority to gain command over your mind to stop being overwhelmed
  4. Autonomy to navigate life with a positive, clear perspective that breeds success

What’s the outcome? This method is a powerful, proven way to achieve peace of mind, increased productivity, feeling better and ongoing success. You deserve it!

Terri Norvell

Terri Norvell is often called a Strategic Sherpa, Perspective Shifter, Trust Teacher, Magnetic Motivator, Trusted Advisor. She assists businesses to bridge the gap from playing problem whack-a-mole to creating greater results with ease, systems and enhanced profits. Terri’s a Certified Business Growth Specialist, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Advanced Leadership Instructor, 7-Stages of Growth Diagnostic Facilitator. Her 25 years of executive leadership includes VP of Training & Marketing with a $1.2B property management & development company; GM of a 5 state $9M temporary housing firm; Entrepreneur Founder of The Inner Prize and the Leadership Growth Formula. She received the Colorado AAMD Supplier Sales Professional ‘Tributes of the Industry’.