Why Should you Participate in the Apartment Report?

Posted By: Jonathan Clay

Data has never been more critical to our industry. Its availability and integrity are vital to making sound business decisions and good housing policy, however, without substantial participation from our members the data cannot adequately represent our interests.

For 15 years Multifamily NW has diligently collected the best local data on rent rates and rental vacancies for the Portland Metro Area and communities across Oregon. Twice a year, every Spring and Fall, Multifamily NW asks members to participate in the Apartment Report Survey.

How can I help?

Next month on August 10th the Fall 2019 Apartment Report Survey will commence! Let’s take this time to get organized and prepare to fully participate in this important property survey.

It’s never been easier to submit Apartment Report Surveys. Follow the instructions below to participate!

New to the Apartment Report Survey?

Reach out to Jonathan Clay at jonathan@multifamilynw.org to get started.

What’s my first step?

Send Jonathan a complete property list, including physical addresses so we can add and update surveys for every property in our members’ portfolios.

What area does the Apartment Report Survey cover?

The Multifamily NW Apartment Report collects surveys from the Portland Metro Area, south to Salem/Keizer and Eugene/Springfield in the Willamette Valley, and across the Cascades to Bend/Redmond in Central Oregon.

When does the Fall 2019 Apartment Report Survey start?

Beginning on August 10th login to the Apartment Report Survey Website and begin completing surveys!

When does the Fall 2019 Apartment Report Survey end?

Surveys must be completed by Friday, September 2nd, 2019!