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Oregon Real Estate Licensees: Spectrum 2023 will earn you up to 5 CEUs.

2023 Education Working Schedule

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Session Description Instructor
Fire Safety for Apartment Staff Piseth Pich & Kim Haugh, TVF&R
American Red Cross: Responding after a Disaster Disaster Emergency Response Jaime Adams, Red Cross
Crossing the Divide All too often, training our maintenance teams on customer service skills occurs only as a reaction to negative survey scores. Meanwhile, our office team receives continual attention. What if both roles focused together on reputation management, customer service, and meeting expectations for each step of the resident journey? Learn how to set actionable standards for each critical customer moment, from initial inquiry, to becoming a resident, all the way to a successful renewal. Zach Howell, BEAR CS
Upskilling Your Maintenance Challenges in hiring and promotion, a lack of training, and high turnover continue to plague facilities’ maintenance teams. We’ll share tips to upskill those teams faster through better training design and support, to boost your teams’ tenure, residents’ reviews and employees’ engagement with your company. Walk away with multiple strategies you can implement today to better assess and grow skills, promotion-readiness, and engagement from even your most training-adverse techs. Zach Howell, BEAR CS
TBD Pool Maintenance TBD Chris Duncan, Greystar
TBD Carpet/Flooring TBD PG Long
The Fundamentals of Productive Vendor Relationships TBD Tysen Bodewig, Kennedy Restoration
Property Maintenance & Exterior Renovations   Finnmark
Bugdeting for Capitol Improvements TBD  J.R. Johnson


Technology & Community Engagement Melinda Pursley, Kennedy Restoration & Lacey Bowman, Guardian Real Estate Services
Leasing Workshop Nate Kazlauskas, Alliance Environmental
TBD Andie Smith, Holland Residential
Leasing Panel What's better: providing on-site personalized service and customized property tours; or a more centralized system with self-guided or virtual tours? We'll debate these methods of leasing and staffing, as well as a few more, so you can triage what might work best for you. We'll share successes, failures, and best practices, take audience questions, and allow you to vote at the end. Destiny McMahon, Affinity Property Management; Nicole Doggett Roka, Greystar Residential; Crystal Gates, Greystar Residential
Screening: Lessons Learned from Someone Who Has Been on Both Sides Amy Bertrand, Bemrose Consulting


Understanding Budgets Developing a property management budget for the coming years is an important yet difficult task for key decision-makers. To execute a successful budgeting strategy and have a competitive edge, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal. This session will explore how technology and automation can help improve business decisions and competitiveness by providing live financial and operational intelligence. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Identify how the budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes have evolved with technology. Improve operational efficiencies through data-driven insights. Learn modern budgeting tips and strategies.  Shannon Shaffer, Emerald Property Management
Are You Maximizing Your Supplier Partner Relationships to Minimize Costs and Maximize Income? Tired of listening? Join the conversation instead and collaborate on a matter that you feel passionate about at Open Space! Participants will use their passion and interest to explore topics in ways that result in transformative experiences for those who chose this peer-to peer learning event. Sydney Webber

Landlord Tenant Law

Jeopardy! with Andor Law When and how can I evict this troublemaker? Leah Sykes, Andor Law
Council Courtrooms & Crazies: A Mock Trial Evicting someone under a bunch of ADA categories Jeff Bennett, Christopher Tackett-Nelson, Anna McCormack & Brad Kraus, Warren Allen LLP
Washington Landlord Tenant Law Things to watch in Washington Landlord Tenant Law Marcel Gesmundo, Andor Law
What do you Notice? How to Screw it Up and Not Know It Marcel Gesmundo, Andor Law & Amy Bertrand, Bemrose Consulting
Renter Lawsuits: The Dirty Details - learn about these before getting sued Bill Edgar, Andor Law
Washington Round Up Brad Kraus, Warren Allen LLP

Human Resources

Being Clear Is Kind: Workplace Accountability HR Answers


Onsite Work Flexibility HR Answers
A Leader's Guide to the Galaxy The central themes of the Leaders Guide are few, but the applications are cosmic. They should allow you to time travel, experience the vast expanse of peace in the universe, and avoid black holes and collapsing stars along the way.

As individuals and on teams we face challenging, absurd, and unfair situations everyday - Leader’s seem to intuitively know how to handle situations of the worst variety. How do they do it? The Leader's Guide will be an interactive experience. Please bring your leadership dreams and experience to this session - it will surely benefit others!
Jesse Rorvig, Fitness Machine Technicians
The Multitasking Myth: Why Focusing on One Task is the Key to Success Are you a busy property manager looking to maximize your productivity and achieve greater success? We're often told we must multitask to be a successful property manager. However, research shows that multitasking is actually ineffective. Join us as we dive into the powerful benefits of focusing on one task at a time. In this session, we'll uncover the myths surrounding multitasking and discover why one-task focus is the key to success. You will learn powerful techniques to enhance your ability to concentrate on a single task and discover how to manage your energy effectively, enabling you to get more done in less time. Finally, we'll cover the importance of setting clear boundaries within your team to create a cohesive, focus-driven environment. Anna Javellana
Giving Company Culture the attention it deserves


A recent survey found that 35% of workers would turn down the perfect job if they didn't feel it was the right culture fit, and 24% of current employees were more likely to leave their job for another opportunity due to a poor company culture.  
This virtual presentation will address the following topics:
1) How to evaluate current company culture.
2) What a healthy company culture looks like.
3) The top 5 factors that contribute to organizational culture.
4) How each employee makes a contribution to the overall spirit of the company.
Enjoy interviews from experienced professionals that share advice on what to avoid, and what to pursue on your journey to an improved company spirit. 

Jeremy Pool, Engineered Floors; Rebecca Sands, RPM One; Katie Phelan, 1Up Floors; Rebecca Cook, Friedman Communities
From Reactivity to Intentionality: How to Maximize Your Productivity

As a property manager, do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the near-endless demands and requests of your job? Are you in search of a more intentional, productive way to approach your work? If so, this workshop is designed with you in mind. This hands-on workshop will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to transition from working reactively to working intentionally. We will explore the key differences between these two approaches and demonstrate how you can structure your day with intentionality in mind. Through practical exercises and interactive activities, we will review strategies on how to improve productivity and create a better work/life balance. You'll leave this workshop with actionable steps for creating more efficiency in both time management and decision-making processes. You'll also gain the skills necessary to prioritize tasks, proactively handle requests, and better manage daily stressors. This technique can be applied in any field or industry, so whether you're new to property management or an experienced veteran this workshop is sure to be beneficial.

Anna Javellana
Leading to Success - The Community Manager/Service Supervisor Relationship   Nicole Doggett Roka & Taz nelson, Greystar Residential

Affordable Housing

Affordable 101 Anna McCormack, Warren Allen LLP
Affordable FAQ Anna McCormack, Warren Allen LLP
HUD NSPIRE Updates - Get Ready for New Physical Inspection Requirements The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is on pace to roll out its new National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) on July 1 for the public housing portfolio and October 1 for additional federally-insured and federally-assisted programs, including the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. The new standards focus on resident health and safety, functional defects over appearance, and on the areas that most impact residents: their units. Come to this session to learn more about roll out progress from the head of REAC and understand how properties would score under the new model. Kevin Webb, Guardian Real Estate Services

Fair Housing

De-escalation/Hate & Harassment Fair Housing Erion Moore, Resolutions NW & Shyle Ruder, Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Fair Housing Hot Topics These fun and challenging interactive games can be incorporated into any of our training sessions and invite participants to put on their thinking caps while engaging their competitive spirits to test their fair housing knowledge. Questions can be modified for a range of groups. Either game is followed by a Q&A session and prizes! Fair Housing Council of Oregon


Tri-County Housing Information: WA County, Multnomah County & Clackamas County Rental assistance Chris Pence, Clackamas County; Monica Avila, WA County; Erin Goldwater, Multnomah County