Spectrum Keynote Speakers

Innovation Magic: Discovering What's Possible

10:10am - 11:20am

Exhibit Hall E

Learn how a magician starts with an impossible goal and works backward to innovate solutions. Professional magician, comedian, author, and motivational speaker Mark Robinson reveals this, along with audience interactive examples of how easily we are distracted from what we should be focused on. Learn how important the "little things" are to someone's impression of your company, and how to create "wow" moments for others.

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Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is an award-winning magician, comedian, author, and speaker. After receiving a university degree in speech communication, he spent nine years in a sales career before starting his own company. He is owner of Best Motivational Speakers (.com), an agency that specializes in entertainment-based motivational speakers. Mark has magically appeared boats and cars for corporate clients, performed NBA halftimes shows, appeared in TV commercials, performed in theaters across China, and been the opening act for numerous celebrities. As a corporate speaker, he logs over 100 flights a year bringing laughter and motivation to companies across America.