A Summer of Opportunity: Supporting Foster Kids at HorsePower’s Camp

Posted By: Greg Knakal MFNW Foundation, MFNW Community Updates,

This summer, the Multifamily NW Foundation is thrilled to extend its support to two incredible foster care children by sponsoring their participation in HorsePower's esteemed summer horse camp. Our donation of $1,000 is a commitment not just to their summer plans but to fostering their growth, confidence, and joy through the extraordinary experience of equine therapy.


Empowerment Through Equine Engagement

At HorsePower, the summer camp is far more than a recreational retreat; it’s a transformative journey where children learn to connect with and care for horses. This interaction is especially beneficial for children from foster care backgrounds, providing them a safe space to heal and grow. The camp’s structured activities focus on building important life skills such as responsibility, empathy, and self-reliance.

The two children we are sponsoring will embark on a journey of self-discovery this summer. Through horse riding and care, they will learn to harness their inner strength and face life’s challenges with newfound confidence and resilience.


MFNW Foundation's Role in Enriching Lives

As part of our mission to contribute positively to our community, the Multifamily NW Foundation seeks opportunities to impact lives meaningfully. Supporting these two young campers align; with our goals of providing unique and supportive experiences that can catalyze significant personal development and emotional well-being.


Anticipating the Impact of Our Contribution

The joy and learning that will come from this summer's camp are just the beginning. We believe in the ripple effect of good deeds — that empowering individuals can lead to strengthened communities. As we gear up for the camp, we are filled with hope and excitement about the potential growth and happy memories that will be created for these children.

We are proud to partner with Horsepower in this vital initiative and eager to see how our contribution will help shape a memorable and impactful summer for these deserving kids. Let's continue to champion such causes, as every child deserves the chance to experience joy, growth, and the freedom to gallop towards their dreams.