SWV Service Committee Celebrates Successful Spring Pet Drive at Green Hill

Posted By: Brent Ellifritz #MFNWCares, MFNW Community Updates, SWV News,

This spring, the spirit of giving was vibrantly alive within the Multifamily NW community. In a heartfelt expedition, Hillary Gammon (Principle Property Management) and I had the pleasure of visiting Green Hill, a local animal sanctuary, to deliver the fruits of our first ever Spring Pet Drive. The visit was not just a delivery, but a celebration of the collective effort by the Service and Social Committees, which culminated in a generous donation of $600.

Green Hill, known for its expansive facilities and a wide variety of resident animals—from cats and dogs to bunnies, a hedgehog, chinchillas, and even a speckled gecko—opened its doors to us with warmth. Managed largely by volunteers, the sanctuary impressed us with its efficient operations and the palpable dedication of its staff. Sarah, the community outreach director, donned a hat with a smile as broad as the facility itself, while Herron, our enthusiastic tour guide, clutched a gift bag, both expressing immense gratitude for our contributions.

The donation event was a revelation. Beyond the physical donations of pet supplies, we learned how monetary contributions provide even more significant support. Thanks to special agreements with pet supply and food manufacturers, Green Hill can stretch each dollar further; what would normally buy one bag of food in retail stores can buy five through their channels. This leverage makes monetary donations a powerful tool in supporting their operations.

Our visit was not just about support but also connection. Among the adorable faces, one little kitten, aptly named "Straggler," tugged especially hard at our heartstrings. Cradled in our arms, Straggler’s compelling eyes and playful antics made a lasting impression, symbolizing the vibrant life that thrives at Green Hill thanks to ongoing community support.

As we reflect on this rewarding experience, both Hillary and I feel strongly that Green Hill deserves continued support from Multifamily NW. With spring being a particularly demanding time due to kitten season, the need for help is substantial. We plan to propose continuing our support for Green Hill in the next Service Committee meeting, hopeful that we can make supporting them an annual spring tradition.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to this year’s drive. Your generosity has not only supported Green Hill but has also enriched our community spirit. Let’s keep this momentum going, making a difference one paw at a time.

The SWV Council of Multifamily Northwest sincerely thanks each member for their contributions and looks forward to more such successful events. Together, we are making the world a better place for our furry, and not-so-furry, friends.

Stay tuned for more updates and find out how you can be a part of our next initiative!