Critical Fire Weather Conditions & Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Posted By: Jonathan Clay Central Oregon, Mid-Willamette Valley, Portland/SW Washington, SWV News,

Dear Members of Multifamily NW,


Recent alerts from the National Weather Service, Oregon Department of Forestry and local utilities have gone out advising the public to a multitude of risks related to weather and wildfire.

We urge members to stay tuned in to these communications channels to stay apprised of additional actions needed around an emergency situation:

Local power utilities: Local utilities will contact their customers in case of emergency for what are known as public safety power shutoff. You can get a broad overview of current alerts here in Oregon and Washington:

Oregon Department of Forestry: Northwest Oregon forests moving to extreme fire danger, additional public use restrictions in place

National Weather Service: This page shows alerts currently in effect for Oregon and is normally updated every two-three minutes.

We urge everyone to stay alert and stay tuned into these communications channels to stay apprised of the most pressing updates.