Washington State Update: Pledge of Rental Assistance and Renter’s Right to Reinstate Tenancy

Posted By: Jonathan Clay Portland/SW Washington,

Washington Statutes provide Renters with certain protections during the eviction process. The law requires that Housing Providers pause court action when they receive a pledge of rental assistance and accept certain funds to reinstate a Renter’s tenancy.  

Pledge of Rental Assistance 

A Housing Provider shall accept any written pledge of emergency rental assistance funds provided to the Renter from a governmental or nonprofit entity after the expiration of the pay or vacate notice if the pledge will contribute to the total payment of both the amount of rent due, including any current rent, and other amounts due. A Housing Provider shall suspend any court action for 14 court days (effectively 3 weeks) after providing necessary payment information to the nonprofit or governmental entity to allow for payment of the emergency rental assistance funds.  

If you receive any communication from a rental assistance provider and you are unsure if you are required to suspend court action, contact your landlord tenant attorney for guidance.  

Renter’s Right to Reinstate Tenancy 

For any nonpayment cases, at any time during the eviction process and for a period following the entry of the Order for the Writ, a Renter has the right to reinstate their tenancy by paying certain amounts. These amounts include the following: 

  • Current past due rent;
  • One late fee in the amount of $75.00; and
  • Court costs and/or attorney fees, if ordered.

If a Renter provides a payment during the eviction process and you are unsure if it is sufficient, contact your landlord tenant law attorney for guidance. 

This article is not intended as legal advice. Please obtain advice of an attorney for any policy changes or decisions regarding residential and commercial housing provider-renter matters.