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Helpful COVID-19 Resources and Multifamily NW Blog Articles (as of 12/17/20)

12/17/20 Multnomah County extends eviction ban until July

12/15/20 Gov. Kate Brown calls 1-day special session for next week

12/08/20 Oregon lawmakers remain divided on proposal to extend eviction moratorium, putting special session in doubt

12/04/20 A proposal to extend Oregon’s eviction ban faces an uphill battle in the Senate

12/03/20 Oregon Legislature takes up rental and landlord protections

11/21/20 Oregon lawmakers working on proposal to extend eviction moratorium through June, create landlord assistance fund

11/19/20 WaPo: A covid-fighting tool is buried in your phone. Turn it on.

11/13/20 Oregon governor orders 2-week coronavirus freeze, restricting bars and restaurants to takeout, closing some businesses

11/11/20 What you can and cannot do in Multnomah County starting Wed for two-week pause to slow coronavirus

11/06/20 Gov. Kate Brown to announce two-week ‘pause’ on social activities for select counties to slow coronavirus spread

11/05/20 Next round of $500 Portland COVID relief cards mailed soon

10/20/20 Oregon now requires employers to provide masks to workers

10/20/20 New Oregon Statewide Guidance on Masks, Face Coverings, Face Shields

9/28/20 Gov. Brown extends residential eviction ban through 2020

9/24/20 Oregon Statewide Reopening Guidance - Gatherings, Indoor Social Get-Togethers

9/24/20 Multnomah County Extends Eviction Moratorium through 2020

9/15/20 Portland's Temporary Waiver of PCC 30.01.086 for Displaced Persons

9/08/20 Portland Mayor proposes new protections to stabilize renters

9/08/20 Preliminary Guidance on CDC Eviction Moratorium

9/03/20 Federal CDC Evcition Moratorium

8/31/20 Executive Order No. 20-37 Extending HB 4204's Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium until 12/31/20

8/31/20 Gov. Brown extends foreclosure moratorium through December 31st

8/25/20  Two Portland-area urgent cares are now asymptomatic coronavirus testing centers; who can get tested?

8/19/20 Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek Wants Extension of Eviction Ban

8/18/20 Oregon expands mask requirements to offices, proposes new temporary workplace rules

8/18/20 HUD to extend foreclosure ban protecting 8.1 million people until 2021

8/03/20 Video: What is Contact Tracing?

7/22/20 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announces new restrictions on businesses as the state struggles to control coronavirus

7/21/20 Curious about the Status of Rent Assistance in Oregon? Have residents dial 211 for a referral.

6/29/20 Oregon lawmakers extend commercial, residential eviction moratorium through September

6/22/20 Police, COVID And The Kitchen Sink: What To Expect From Oregon's Expansive Special Session

6/20/20 Various Oregon attactions open during Phase 1 and 2, some remain closed: Here's our list

6/20/20 Gov. Kate Brown's mask-wearing rule: Detailed guidelines released

6/19/20 Oregon Health Authority: County Specific Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance

6/19/20 Refusing to Pay Rent: A Cause or an Agenda?

6/19/20 Time: How Eviction Moratoriums are Hurting Small Landlords - and Why That's Bad for Affordable Housing

6/18/20 Portland restaurants and bars can reopen Friday: Here are 5 things you need to know

6/18/20 Gov. Kate Brown explains her mask requirement, reopening rationale; health offical admits error

6/16/20 Gov. Brown calls a Special Session to Address Police Accountability and Pandemic

6/11/20 Multifamily NW Member Companies providing COVID-19 Resources

6/05/20 Multnomah County applies for Phase 1 easing of coronavirus stay-home order

6/04/20 Oregon Governor approves phase 2 coronavirus reopening for 26 of 29 counties that applied

6/04/20 COVID-19 Legal Update for Washington State

6/01/20 COVID-19 Housing Policy Scoreboard: State by state from Eviction Lab

5/31/20 NYT: Tenants largely stay current on rent, for now

5/27/20 KOIN: Portland City Council works to allocate $114 Million in COVID-19 relief

5/27/20 NYT: An 'avalanche of evictions' could be bearing down on America's renters

5/26/20 How to address employee fear when returning to the workplace

5/25/20 Rental Assistance: State by State from National Low Income Housing Coalition

5/22/20 MFNW Executive Director Deborah Imse's written testimony to House Interim Committee on Housing 

5/21/20 Register Guard: Lane County's plan to disburse $930k in rent assistance: Here's what we know

5/21/20 Oregonian: Oregon's coronavirus rescession is steepest downturn since Great Depression, state forecasters say

5/20/20 Transitioning employees back to the workplace - NAA Best Practices

5/18/20 Oregonian: Gov. Brown's Coronavirus Executive Orders ruled 'null and void' - Appealed to Oregon Supreme Court

5/18/20 State of Oregon Provides $8.5 Million for Rent Relief

5/15/20 CDC Workplace Reopening Flowchart

5/07/20 BELFOR Offers COVID-19 Cleaning Services

5/01/20 Oregon Gov. Brown issued Executive Order 20-24, extending declaration of emergency through July 6, 2020

4/29/20 COVID-19 & Fair Housing Video

4/23/20 OPB: Oregon Lawmakers Pass $32 Million Reflef Package for Renters, Businesses and Workers

4/23/20 Portland Households can Apply for $250 in Emergency Assistance due to COVID-19 Pandemic

4/21/20 Multifamily NW letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

4/16/20 The Oregonian: Oregon Expects $2.45 Billion in Federal Coronavirus Relief, Including Direct Money for Portland, Mulnomah, Washington Counties

4/16/20 10-Minute Webinar Series - COVID-19 Disinfecting

4/16/20 The Oregonian: Multnomah County Adopts Governor's Eviction Moratorium

4/16/20 The Oregonian: Vast Majority of Portland Tenants Paid April Rent Despite Economic Fallout from Coronavirus

4/07/20 Coronavirus Guidance for Property Management from National Apartment Association (NAA)

4/05/20 Oregon Media Coverage of Housing Challenges amid COVID-19

4/02/20 COVID-19 Update 4/2/2020

4/02/20 What to Do and What Not to Do When your Resident Says, "I can't Pay my Rent!!"

4/01/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hub from National Multifamily Housing Council

3/31/20 The Problem with a Coronavirus Rent Strike

3/31/20 New Resource to Help Renters Access Federal Financial Assistance

3/31/20 WaPo Article: Here's How to Get a Small Business Loan under the $349 Billion Coronavirus Aid Bill

3/28/20 New Forms: Rent Forbearance Request, Emergency COVID-19 Agreement & Resident Resources

3/27/20 HUD Office of Multifamily Housing COVID-19 Questions & Answers

3/26/20 Travel Authorization Letter for Property Management Companies

3/24/20 COVID-19 Update

3/23/20 How will the Moratorium on Residential Evicitions work in Portland/Mulnomah County?

3/18/20 COVID-19 Industry Update

3/17/20 Mulnomah County and the City of Portland have put a Moratorium on Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent

3/17/20 Multifamily NW Remains Dedicated to Finding Solutions that keep Oregonians Housed

3/12/20 Important Notice: Multifamily NW Events Postponed Due to Spread of COVID-19

3/3/20 Multifamily NW Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Various levels of government have announced restrictions, moratoriums and postponements of residential evictions. The city/county level restrictions are in effect so long as they renew their declaration of an emergency due to COVID-19. The Governor’s restriction on law enforcement’s FED action extends into the 3rd week of June. The courts will not schedule FED first appearances (for any lease violation) until June 1st. The Governor’s 20-13 Executive Order prohibits the landlord from serving any nonpayment termiantion notice, even a 72-Hour Notice of Termination for Nonpayment of Rent. 

  • On March 11 Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury issued Executive Rule 388 declaring the COVID-19 pandemic an emergency and placed a moratorium on all residential evictions in Multnomah County for tenants on the basis of nonpayment of rent due to wage loss resulting from COVID-19.
  • On March 22 Oregon Gov. Brown issued an Executive Order 20-11, a 90-day prohibition for law enforcement officers from serving, delivering or acting on any FED residential evictions for nonpayment.
  • On March 27 (renewed from March 16) the Oregon Chief Justice declared a “level 3” restriction on court operations that postpones FED first appearance until June 1, 2020. This postponement includes all FEDs, not only for nonpayment.
  • On March 27, 2020 the federal CARES Act was signed into law enacting a 120-day moratorium on eviction for landlords that receive federal funds (including Section 8 and Low Income Tax Credit Housing), and landlords with federally-backed mortgage loans. During the moratorium covered landlords cannot file an FED for nonpayment, charge late fees for nonpayment or serve notices to vacate for nonpayment.
  • On April 1st Oregon Gov. Brown issued Executive Order 20-13, a 90-day prohibition for landlords to file, serve, deliver or act on any terminaion notice, order or writ of termination or the equivalent for nonpayment. This applies to both residential and commercial tenancies.
  • On April 16th Multnomah County extended its eviction moratorium mirror Gov. Brown EO 20-13 extending protections to commercial properties and no longer requiring residential tenants to provide a reason to qualify or notification deadline for communication with the landlord. The 6-month grace period for repayment of missed rent payments remains after the expiration of either the State or County moratorium, whichever is later. 
  • On May 1st Oregon Gov. Brown issued Executive Order 20-24, an extention of her earlier declaration of emergency due to COVID-19 an additional 60 days, through July 6, 2020 unless terminated earlier by the Governor.

These regulations can be amended without much notice. Members are encouraged to contact their legal counsel with questions related to rent forbearance and eviction moratorium. Multifamily NW now offers online training – check our website for upcoming educational opportunities.


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